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Jurakán: A Film Series

Posted on March 14, 2022

Jurakán is the name given by the Taínos, the indigenous people of the Caribbean, to the god of chaos and discord who controls the often turbulent weather that affects the region. The images and narratives that predominate about the Caribbean today tend to evoke images of the sun, but representations of wind and water are more prevalent in Taíno imagery and remain part of the imagination of the people who live in the region. The word hurricane, derived from Jurakán, refers to storms that form as they enter the Caribbean, unlike other words, like cyclone or monsoon, that describe storms with turbulent... Continue


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All houses, once lived in, have stories. Some are mere whispers, others scream. A home’s visual history interprets the movements of its residents, through time. Like us, houses breathe and have lives. In Mature, the images of the Stair House capture the passage of time before the transformation into a new chapter arrives. This new chapter is coupled with the passing of Marie Ward (1927–2020), who lived in the house for the past 50 years, and speaks to the Appalachian-migration experience of Cincinnati in the mid-20th century. A video interview with Ward speaks to the experience of living... Continue

Unusual Characters: Portraits and the Modern Eye

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Unusual Character: Portraits and the Modern Eye shares the work of five modern photographers whose portraits are atypical, uncomfortable, yet inexplicably attractive. They make us pause and ask questions. The process, medium, and presentation used by the artists in this exhibition add to the mystery. The wet-plate tintypes of Craig Barber harken to an earlier age and the 3D animations of Claudia Kunin cause the subjects to move among us. Sunjoo Lee’s paper covered models are robotic and abstract at the same time. Sandra Klein’s self-portrait composites puzzle, surprise, and inform us, while Matt Zory’s street photography reveals a harsher... Continue

As We Bloom

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In a world that has been filled with tragedies we would like to forget—wars, recessions, pandemics—what aspects of our lives would we like to hold onto forever? Over the course of a five-week residency led by Asa Featherstone, IV, eight students learned the basic elements of storytelling, mobile/digital/film photography, filmmaking, and interviewed a collection of people within their community from different generations that explores this question. The students created a collection of new works that become an abstract multimedia exhibition about freedom, justice, wonder, and coming of age through multiple eras. Featherstone guided production and shared work alongside the youth apprentices. Continue

1,000 miles per hour

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1,000 miles per hour; the approximate speed of the Earth’s rotation at the equator. Two milestone projects of design from the 1970s, Voyager Golden Record and Powers of Ten, act as pivot points for a collection of works by contemporary artists that take on the challenge of recording our world.

Throughout this exhibition, featuring artworks from the collection of the Columbus Museum of Art, the vantage points and relative scale shift. Several artworks relate more clearly through a shared relationship to space, beyond... Continue