Nikita Gross and Leeza Poselski, Nancy, 2020. Image courtesy of the artists. On view in Heart and Soul.

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How the Cincinnati Region Has Used the FotoFocus Emergency Art Grant

Posted on October 20, 2020

In April, FotoFocus pledged part of the 2020 FotoFocus Biennial budget to financially support the region’s art community during the coronavirus pandemic. Over 100 Participating Venues and Partners received a total of $800,000 in the form of the FotoFocus Emergency Art Grant. Today, FotoFocus is pleased to detail how some of these partners and venues used their grants to present lens-based exhibitions and programming.
Some developed new projects, such as outdoor photography exhibitions responding to current world events, 360° virtual gallery tours, podcasts, or video content. Others were able to present in-person and virtual exhibitions originally planned for the Biennial in October, which respond to the Biennial’s theme of light&—exploring light and its contrasts in relation to photography and the world at large.
FotoFocus has invested in other pathways to support lens-based art and engage the public beyond the FotoFocus Emergency Art Grant. One such avenue was commissioning local filmmakers and creatives Jesse Beyerly, Phillip Dowdy, Asa Featherstone IV, Jeremy Mosher, Kailah Ware, and Bizzy Young to produce a series of films highlighting what some of the 2020 FotoFocus Partnership Venues have been doing since the pandemic. The films are being released on the FotoFocus social media channels and on Vimeo.