Attendee viewing artwork during the AutoUpdate Exhibition Reception on Friday, October 4, 2019. Photo by Jacob Drabik
AutoUpdate Exhibition Reception on Friday, October 4, 2019. Photo by Jacob Drabik

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CALL TO ARTISTS: Region’s Venues Seek Artist Submissions

Posted on February 5, 2020

FotoFocus is happy to share the region’s venues seeking artist submissions for their individual exhibitions. Each Venue listed has determined the specifics for their open call and is fully in charge of the selection process. FotoFocus will not influence or participate in the selection process for these exhibitions. 


Robin Imaging Services & The Mohawk Gallery
Open Call: closed February 10, 2020
Lens-based artists are invited to submit work that responds to Light, Time, and The Ever-Changing Perspective, exhibiting how photographers have the power to affect the viewer’s perspective by their use of light, time, and the positioning from which they capture a situation or scene. 

Christ Church Cathedral: Gallery South
Open Call: closed April 1, 2020
Artists are invited to submit works of urban and rural landscapes in the Greater Cincinnati area that, through the intelligence and creative spirit of the photographer, showcase scenes that are typically overlooked or seen as mundane to the busy passerby.
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Xavier University Art Gallery at the A.B. Cohen Center
Open Call: closed May 15, 2020
Light has the power to give meaning to anything and everything, presenting the photographer with infinite opportunities to capture images that evoke emotion. Light, whether natural or artificial, full, gradated or contrasted with its absence to reveal darkness must be felt by the photographer as well as the viewer. Artists are invited to submit up to five photographs that interpret the Light Matters theme of the exhibit – How will you make light visible for the 2020 FotoFocus Biennial?
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Miami University College of Creative Arts
Open Call: closed June 30, 2020
Shedding Light: Public Projection as Social Illumination will feature public, moving image projections onto buildings in the Performing Arts Quad at Miami University that engage the notion of “shedding light” onto topics of conceptual, political, or social importance using the medium of projected light and image to unveil hidden stories and reveal truths normally relegated to the shadows of public space.
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Xavier University Library
Open Call: closed June 30, 2020
Making a mark to visually communicate has been a human endeavor for over 30,000 years. From cave walls to tattoos, graffiti to bytes, whether writer or reader, through smart phones or by paper, we use signs, symbols, emojis, letters and words to facilitate communication, understanding and the exchange of ideas. Using one form of visual literacy the photographer is required to reference the other (inscriptions, or writing, i.e. making a mark). University Library particularly encourages submissions from our local residents.
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Clifton Cultural Arts Center
Open Call: closed July 6, 2020
CCAC invites artists to submit works that explore the theme of Third Place – third places are described as an anchor of community life such as a park, church, library, gallery, etc. This exhibition asks artists and viewers to consider both the literal, using and manipulating light through the use of photography, and the figurative, how third places enlighten us and encourage us to lighten up.
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Contemporary Art Matters (Columbus, OH)
Open Call: closed July 12, 2020
The Women’s Caucus within the Society of Photographic Education invites photographers to submit works that investigate the experiences of women (today), considering the intersection of cultural, social, political, economic, spiritual, sexual, gender-based, and environmental forces within our country’s 2020 election year. Applicants must be a member of the SPE Women’s Caucus. Jurors will select 10-15 artists for this exhibition. 
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Dayton Society of Artists
Open Call: closed August 2, 2020
The Dayton Society of Artists (DSA) is pleased to present Illuminate, a regional call for lens-based artwork. All artists, 18 years or older and living or working in Ohio, Indiana, or Kentucky are eligible for entry. Each piece must, be lens-based (including but not limited to photography, computer edited photos, video, etc.) but may have other mediums or techniques incorporated into the work. Traditional and non-traditional approaches are welcome, and the medium may be interpreted broadly. Art should fit into the theme, Illuminate.
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Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center
Open Call: closed August 8, 2020
Photography and lens-based art is often, even unconsciously, taken for granted as being disembodied from physical reality. However, without catalytic objects such works would not be possible. For this exhibition Manifest is interested in reminding artists and the public of this fact by showcasing works that reveal the ‘objectness’ of photography either through display of the works themselves, the mechanisms crafted to create lens-based experiences, dialogs between photographic works and their physical subjects, or narrative works explaining the complicated entanglement of light and form.
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Oxford Community Arts Center
Open Call: closed September 1, 2020
The Oxford Community Arts Center invites local area photographers to submit work for Illuminating Community…a community-based, community driven perspective. A natural phenomenon, light stimulates sight, illuminating the dark and shadowy places to make hidden things visible. Artists are encouraged to explore the many ways light informs and inspires our understanding of photography and community life. Just as the physical phenomenon of light is essential to photography, light sparks human thought-our perceptions of reality and flights of fantasy. Light is the lifeblood of creating and illuminating perspectives, to show relationships or objects from specific vantage points.
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CampSITE Social Sculpture Park
Open Call: closed September 7, 2020
CampSITE Social Sculpture Park is seeking artist submissions for Lean [In] To. Artists may submit up to five lens-based works with concepts surrounding our current social, political, environmental or health related circumstances. The chosen artwork will work in conjunction with and be displayed on the interior of Lean-To, a sculpture by Chris Vorhees. To apply, please email images of the works along with a statement about the work.
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Evendale Cultural Arts Center
Open Call: closed September 20, 2020
The Evendale Cultural Arts Center is pleased to announce the 2020 Evendale Juried Photography Exhibition, “What is Your Community Light?” Up to seventy juror-selected photographs will vie for cash awards in this year’s show bringing together professional and amateur fine art photographers. Photographers are invited to submit work for possible inclusion in the exhibition. All subject matter and photographic processes are welcome.
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This list is presented by FotoFocus as a resource only. All artists will be independently selected by the Venue with no oversight from FotoFocus or members of the FotoFocus team. Any questions or inquiries relating to a specific exhibition listed must be directed to the individual Venue.