FotoFocus IMG 0306 1, FotoFocus Cincinnati
FotoFocus Artistic Director and Curator, Kevin Moore leading a gallery tour

FotoFocus Partnerships

FotoFocus provides additional funding and support to partners presenting lens-based projects and educational programs that are accessible and engaging to the public. These collaborations are a vital part of what makes FotoFocus such an impactful contributor to the community.

In lieu of presenting the fifth FotoFocus Biennial, FotoFocus pledged its 2020 Biennial budget to over 100 Participating Venues and Partners through the FotoFocus Emergency Art Grant. Many of those venues were able to present their original exhibitions or develop new programming, represented in the FotoFocus Partnerships below. A selection of gallery walk-through videos were produced by FotoFocus in further support of these projects.

Where we are, Who we are

Cindependent Film Festival, Cincinnati, OH
Sept 29, 2023

Why We Walk 1 Copy 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Why We Walk

Cincinnati Premiers, Cincinnati, OH
Jul 9 & 17, 2022

VisionariesVoices Cherished 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati

Visionaries + Voices Northside Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Mar 11–May 27, 2022

Stormy Wintress CopyrightTinaGutierrez 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Covid-19, Coronavirus Wearable Art Response Project: Photographs by Tina Gutierrez

Kennedy Heights Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH
May 7–Jul 2, 2022

OTR Film Fest Logo Only 2 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
See the Story, Be the Story

Over-the-Rhine International Film Festival, Cincinnati, OH
Jul 7–10, 2022

CMC JMilesWolf 1 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Art Deco Architecture of Cincinnati

The Annex Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Jul 13–Aug 27, 2022

CampSITE ChrisVorhees 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Lean [in] To

CampSITE Social Sculpture Park, Cincinnati, OH
Jan–May 2021

Beeler Gallery 2021 November

Beeler Gallery at Columbus College of Art & Design, Columbus, OH
Jan 19–Mar 6, 2021

Whittle2019 0 PIQUE Perform a thon 1

PIQUE, Covington, KY
Apr 23–24, 2021

Carnegie Residue BatresGilvin 2 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati

The Carnegie, Covington, KY
Jun 17–Oct 2, 2021

WestonArtGallery2021 Suryajaya 1
Material Message: Photographs of Fabric

Alice F. and Harris K. Weston Art Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
May 15–Jun 26, 2021

TheLodge FilmNotDead 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Film is Not Dead

The Lodge, Dayton, KY
Sept 4, 2021

Return To Velvet Ropes 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Return to the Velvet Rope

The Annex Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Sept 22–Oct 30, 2021

ClayStreet PhotographsFake 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
These Photographs are Fake!

Clay Street Press and Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Sept 24–Oct 23, 2021

PAR Projects Tunnelitis 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati

The Gallery at Studeō PAR-, Cincinnati, OH
Oct 2021–Jun 2022

SidewinderCoffee SelfLove 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Self Love

Sidewinder Coffee, Cincinnati, OH
Oct 1–Nov 30, 2021

StairHouse Breathe 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati

Stair House, Cincinnati, OH
Oct 9–24, 2021 (Saturdays & Sundays)

WrightState TruthRuin 2021 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Truth & Ruin

Wright State University: Robert and Elaine Stein Galleries, Dayton, OH
Oct 18–Dec 3, 2021

MiamiUniversity SuspendedAnimation 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Suspended Animation

Miami University: Hiestand Galleries, Oxford, OH
Oct 21–Nov 22, 2021

AAC Logo1 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
SITE 1212

Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

elote logo gallery logo final
UC DAAP Curated Exhibitions

Elote Loco Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

LedgeGallery KristianGeer 3 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Lighten the Load: A PSA Series by Geers of Change

Ledge Gallery Goes All-City, Cincinnati, OH
2020 COVID-19 Pandemic

Taft James Landy 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Built to Last: The Taft Historic House at 200

Taft Museum of Art, Cincinnati, OH
Jul 10, 2020–May 23, 2021

I.imagine Love Is Love 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati

i.imagine at the Purple People Bridge, Cincinnati, OH
Jul 19–Aug 14, 2020

Lois Conner, platinum-palladium print made by Ema Spencer, 2020. Columbus Museum of Art.
No Mere Button-Pressers: Clarence H. White, Ema Spencer, and The Newark Camera Club

Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, OH
Aug 1–Dec 13, 2020

Muam BereniceAbbott UNdertheEl 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Chasing Light: Black & White Photography

Miami University Art Museum, Oxford, OH
Aug 25–Dec 11, 2020

1628 MaiBrühl  PaeoniaSuffruticosa 3 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Close Contact: Photography, Nature, and the Alternative Process

1628 Ltd., Cincinnati, OH
Sept 3–Nov 21, 2020

1628 Distant Transmissions  1 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Square of the Distance

1628 Ltd., Cincinnati, OH
Sept 3–Nov 21, 2020

DaytonSocietyofArtists NA 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati

Dayton Society of Artists, Dayton, OH
Sept 4–Oct 31, 2020

CAM HankWillisThomas 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Hank Willis Thomas: All Things Being Equal…

Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, OH
Sept 4–Nov 8, 2020

CAC Earthing Discharge 01 Marjolijn Dijkman Lg 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Marjolijn Dijkman: Earthing Discharge

Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH
Sept 4, 2020–Mar 21, 2021

Miller Gallery Virtual Gallery
Miller Gallery Interactive 360° Virtual Exhibition

Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Sept 5–Oct 26, 2020

Basketshop JesseLy 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Image Interference

BasketShop Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Sept 12–Oct 10, 2020

WavePool1 WhitneyBradshaw 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati

Wave Pool, Cincinnati, OH
Sept 12–Nov 7, 2020

WelcomeProject ErikaNJAllen 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
The Journey and The Dream

The Welcome Project, Cincinnati, OH
Sept 12–Nov 14, 2020

WestonArtGallery Perkins 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati

Alice F. and Harris K. Weston Art Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Sept 12–Nov 21, 2020

KennedyHeights UPRISING 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati

Kennedy Heights Arts Center with Art Beyond Boundaries, Cincinnati, OH
Sept 12–Nov 28, 2020

DAI Doherty Seedling 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Archiving Eden: Dornith Doherty Photographs

The Dayton Art Institute, Dayton, OH
Sept 12, 2020–Jan 10, 2021

CCAC JensRosenkrantz 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Third Place

Clifton Cultural Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH
Sept 18–Oct 24, 2020

IndianHillGallery JohnSousa 1 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Stillness and Receptivity

Indian Hill Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Sept 18–Nov 1, 2020

ai image v4
A(artistic)x I(nteresting)x P(owerful)

Art Academy of Cincinnati: Ruthe G. Pearlman Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Sept 25–Oct 23, 2020

ManifestGallery JasonFranz 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati

Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Sept 25–Oct 23, 2020

OLG Stevens 515pm 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Witness Marks

Off Ludlow Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Sept 25–Oct 30, 2020

IrisBookCafe WolfgangZurborn 1 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati

Iris BookCafé and Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Sept 25, 2020–Mar 31, 2021

PyramidHill DestinyMata 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Través de las Sombras [Through the Shadows]

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum, Cincinnati, OH
Sept 26–Nov 6, 2020

RuthsParksideCafe JasonSheldon 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
NOT Just the Hits… 1971 – 2020: 50 Gold Greats?

Ruth’s Parkside Café, Cincinnati, OH
Sept 28–Nov 14, 2020

Artworks NikitaGross 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Heart and Soul

ArtWorks, Cincinnati, OH
Oct 2020

Bound Determined Postcard 1 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Bound and Determined

Northern Kentucky University: Visual Arts Galleries , Highland Heights, KY
Oct 2020

POPPEDART Invisipectrum

POPPED ART, Cincinnati, OH
Oct 2020

BlueHouseGallery EllaWeberCROP 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
This Feels Nice

University of Dayton Radial Gallery with The Blue House Arts, Dayton, OH
Oct 1–21, 2020

DAAPMeyers MajorMorris 2 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
The Forgotten March of the Poor

DAAP Galleries:: Meyers Gallery, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
Oct 1–Nov 9, 2020

DAAPReed InnaBabaeva 1 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Still They Persist: Hindsight is 2020

DAAP Galleries:: Reed Gallery, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
Oct 1–Nov 19, 2020

OTRBagel ErikaNJAllen 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
The Light, The Resistance

OTR Bagel Bar, Cincinnati, OH
Oct 1–Nov 30, 2020

CMC JMilesWolf 1 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Art Deco Architecture of Cincinnati: Photographs by J. Miles Wolf

Cincinnati Preservation Association, Cincinnati, OH
Oct 1, 2020–Jan 3, 2021

RedTree SummerNights 1920 1
My View

Redtree Art Gallery & Coffee Shop, Cincinnati, OH
Oct 2–Nov 13, 2020

Blockfort BlockfortGallery 1 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Flickering on the Edge of Anthropocene

Blockfort Gallery, Columbus, OH
Oct 2–Nov 21, 2020

Chenglun Na Altar 2400X1600
Light, Time, and the Ever-changing Perspective

The Mohawk Gallery at Robin Imaging, Cincinnati, OH
Oct 3–Dec 5, 2020

Rosewood LoriKella 1 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Erie: Lost and Found

Rosewood Arts Centre: Rosewood Gallery, Kettering, OH
Oct 5–Nov 13, 2020

Oxford Community Arts Center - Sparks
Illuminating Community

Oxford Community Arts Center, Oxford, OH
Oct 9–Nov 6, 2020

Eisele Gallery - Steve McQueen on set of 'Love With A Proper Stranger', 1963
In the Limelight

Eisele Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Oct 9–Nov 14, 2020

KeilyGallery Unknown 1 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Found Moments

Keily Gallery, Kettering, OH
Oct 10–Dec 12, 2020

1305 Veloceped

1305 Gallery at Machine Cinema, Cincinnati, OH
Oct 14–30, 2020

ManifestDrawing Unknown 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
The Fundamental Wonder: Seeing Anew Through Camera Obscuras

Manifest Drawing Center, Cincinnati, OH
Oct 17 & 24, 2020

Immaculate Conception Copy 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Let There Be…

Art Beyond Boundaries, Cincinnati, OH
Oct 18–Nov 13, 2020

LloydLibrary Between The Leaves Podcast Design Final 15 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Between the Leaves at the Lloyd Library and Museum

Lloyd Library and Museum, Cincinnati, OH
Oct 19, 2020

Bryn Weller self portrait photogram 2 CROPPED scaled 1
Light, Shadow and Paper: Photograms as Self Portraits

Hoffner Lodge Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Oct 22–Nov 7, 2020

EvendaleCultural MiaChiecchio 3 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
What’s Your Community Light?

Evendale Cultural Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH
Oct 23–25, 2020

BLM Silkscreen
The First Amendment

DIY at The Essex Studios, Cincinnati, OH
Oct 29, 2020

Sierra Bosse
Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts

The Carnegie, Covington, KY
Nov 1–Dec 19, 2020

fourths 3
Same Again

The Carnegie, Covington, KY
Nov 1–Dec 19, 2020

SPE WEtheExhibition 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
WE, the Women’s Caucus

SPE: Women Caucus, Columbus, OH
Nov 1, 2020–Feb 1, 2021

BCM Wilson Video Still
Here I Am: Making Photographs with Malcolm Wilson

Behringer-Crawford Museum , Covington, KY
Dec 20, 2020

Mini Cinema Logo 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
2019 Season Sponsor

The Mini Microcinema, Cincinnati, OH

Berlin 3 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
BERLIN: Zvizdal [Chernobyl—so far so close]

Lightborne Studios, Cincinnati, OH
Jan 18–19, 2019

Until We Meet Again 1 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Until We Meet Again: Cincinnati Portraits from World War I

Cincinnati Museum Center, Cincinnati, OH
Jun 8–Sept 29, 2019

Multiverse 1 Copy 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati

Lightborne Studios, Cincinnati, OH
Oct 2019

CincinnatiArtBookFair SquareLogo 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Cincinnati Art Book Fair

The Carnegie, Covington, KY
Dec 14–15, 2019

Photofairs 1 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati

World Photography, San Francisco, CA
Feb 23–25, 2018

Mini Cinema Logo 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
2017 Season Sponsor

The Mini Microcinema, Cincinnati, OH

MoreSweetly Kentridge 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
William Kentridge: More Sweetly Play the Dance

Cincinnati Museum Association, Cincinnati, OH
Apr 26, 2017–May 20, 2018

Blink 2017 1 Copy 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati

Lightborne Studios, Cincinnati, OH
Oct 12–15, 2017

Ballet Royalty Gala 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Ballet Royalty Gala

Fractured Atlas, Havana, Cuba
Aug 20, 2016

ManifestGallery Darkroom 2 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Darkroom Project

Manifest Creative Research Gallery & Drawing Center, Cincinnati, OH
Nov 2016

Through A Lens Darkly 2 Copy 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People

Cincinnati Film Society, Cincinnati, OH
Jun 12, 2015

Punctured 08 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati

Les Rencontres d’Arles, Arles, France
Jul 6–Sept 20, 2015

Sublime 3 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Sublime: The L.A. River

Alice F. & Harris K. Weston Art Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Sept 11–Nov 8, 2015

Mapplethorpe 25 1 Copy 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Robert Mapplethorpe: The Perfect Moment, 25 Years Later

New Museum, New York, NY
Nov 19, 2015

Passages1 1200x675 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati

Alice F. & Harris K. Weston Art Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Mar 28–Jun 8, 2014

Paris Photo 1 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
The Screenings

Paris Photo LA, Los Angeles, CA
Apr 25–27, 2014

Gordon Baer Facebook 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Capturing the Essence

Kennedy Heights Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH
Spring 2013

Hilton Brothers By Makosolberg SML 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Hilton Brothers: Artist Talk and Book Signing

Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
May 2, 2013

Reverberation LocalNative ByKeithKlenowski 510x406, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Reverberation: Capturing the Live Music Experience

Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
Sept 3–30, 2013

JR PhotoVan 510x332, FotoFocus Cincinnati
JR [Inside/Out PhotoVan]

Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH
Sept 21, 2013–Feb 2, 2014