Founded in 2010 in Cincinnati, Ohio, FotoFocus is a nonprofit organization created to celebrate and champion photography as the medium of our time through programming that ignites a dialogue between contemporary lens-based art and the history of photography. This programming includes the FotoFocus Biennial, FotoFocus Symposium, and FotoFocus Lecture and Visiting Artist Series. FotoFocus supports programs throughout the region and has awarded over 500 grants to regional artists and institutions since 2010 for the production and presentation of photography and lens-based art.

FotoFocus Biennial 2016: FotoFocus Executive Director, Mary Ellen Goeke speaking at the Mayoral Proclamation. Photo by Ryan Elliott


FotoFocus collaborates to present and support photography and lens-based projects that are accessible, enriching, and engaging to a diverse public.


Inspiring conversations about the world through the art of photography.

FotoFocus Biennial 2012: Guests viewing Star Power: Edward Steichen’s Glamour Photography at the Taft Museum of Art.

Who We Are

Executive Committee

  • Mary Ellen Goeke, Executive Director
  • Nancy Glier, Deputy Director of Finance and Administration
  • Carissa Barnard, Deputy Director of Exhibitions and Programming
  • Kevin Moore, Artistic Director and Curator
  • Sarah Klayer, Director of Events and Engagement

Team Members

  • C. Jacqueline Wood, Film Curator at Large
  • Jacob Drabik, Designer
  • Kristin Riepenhoff, Project Manager, Participating Venues & Partners
  • Taylor Malikowski, Project Assistant
  • Alyssa Konermann, Managing Editor and Contributing Writer: The Lens
  • Marie Janning, Executive Assistant
  • Amy Brownlee, Contributing Writer: The Lens
  • Brian Emch, Project Assistant

Board Members

  • Bruce Halpryn, President and Treasurer
  • Amanda Grace Louis, Secretary
  • Cynthia Collins, Director
  • Christian Diederich, Director
  • Dr. Ren Egbert, Director
  • Maureen France, Director
  • Melvin Grier, Director