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FotoFocus Symposium Rescheduled for April 2022

Posted on September 15, 2021

In mathematics, the Greek letter Delta means change. In 2021, the Delta variant means the same.

The 2021 FotoFocus Symposium: Telephotography was originally scheduled to take place in-person October 9 & 10. But as the era of Such Interesting Times We Live In churns on — and with it, Covid-19 — FotoFocus has chosen to reschedule the Symposium for April 9 & 10, 2022. Because, well, the organization wants to share art and ideas with the public, not a virus.

Read the full text of the FotoFocus press release below, and stay tuned for details on the virtual Lens Mix conversation now happening October 9.

(Cincinnati, OH — September 15, 2021) — Today, FotoFocus announces it will reschedule the 2021 FotoFocus Symposium: Telephotography, originally scheduled for October 9–10, 2021, to April 9–10, 2022. One of FotoFocus’ major events, the Symposium gives artists, academics, and guests the opportunity to present ideas, learn new things, and discuss both historic and current themes in photography. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis and travel restrictions affecting FotoFocus’s ability to hold the event in person this October, FotoFocus has decided to reschedule to 2022.

“While the theme is meant to explore remote communication through photographic technologies, as we have all been doing regularly since the onset of the pandemic, FotoFocus has always been about meeting in person and sharing a very basic and human experience of idea exchange,” said FotoFocus Artistic Director and Curator, Kevin Moore. “Converting the entire symposium, or even a significant percentage, to a virtual format was not really an option.”

With the theme of Telephotography, the FotoFocus Symposium will explore the electronic circulation of photographs. From photography’s earliest transmissions to today’s ubiquitous information sharing online, telephotography has become so central to contemporary life it is hard to imagine communications without it. Whether through personal photographs, press images, or military surveillance, Telephotography will investigate our desire for closeness and the ways we bring things nearer to us through photographs.

Location details, schedule, and the complete list of participants will be announced in early 2022. Free and open to the public. For the latest updates, please visit fotofocus.org

In place of its annual in-person fall event, FotoFocus will host a Lens Mix virtual conversation at 2PM EST on Saturday, October 9, 2021 moderated by Kevin Moore, FotoFocus Artistic Director and Curator. More information about the discussion and how to participate will be announced next week on the Lens Mix section of the FotoFocus website.