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SECOND SCREENS: Foodie Edition: Big Night

February 2, 2021

SECOND SCREENS: Foodie Edition is a virtual cinematic and culinary experience that celebrates food in film. It brings the popular pastime of “Dinner and a Movie” into your own home, for you to enjoy anytime.

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Big Night (1996)
Directed by Campbell Scott and Stanley Tucci. 109 min.
Chef Pairing: Chrissy Antenucci, The Wheel
Recipe: Hand Rolled Cavatelli (announced February 2, 2021)
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A darling of the indie film circuit, Big Night is the story of two brothers, Primo (Tony Shalhoub) and Secondo (Stanley Tucci), who run a small authentic Italian restaurant on the Jersey Shore in the mid-1950s. While one brother is lured by the ritz and glam of a neighboring restaurant, the other is unwilling to compromise authentic cuisine in order to entice American customers, who are drawn to simplified meals and style over substance. 

Big Night follows these Italian immigrants, as they prepare one last amazing meal from start to finish. The film equally highlights Primo’s preparations in the kitchen, while showcasing Secondo’s attention to detail in the dining room. From rolling the pasta for the famous timpano, to Louis Prima playing on the record player, these scenes create a special cinematic experience where good food, wine, and music truly bring people together.

Chef Chrissy Antenucci, The Wheel, offers a pasta recipe that will be a delicious pairing with Big Night. Like the film’s small restaurant, Paradise, Chef Antenucci of The Wheel in Oakley is bringing authentic pastas and bread to the regional food scene. 

Not only does this iconic film bring food center stage, it also celebrates its 25th Anniversary in 2021—making it the perfect time to rewatch this old favorite or discover it for the first time.

Second Screens: Foodie Edition


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