Insights is a FotoFocus educational initiative that supports the unique voices and perspectives of emerging regional artists through mentorship. Six artists collaboratively developed a new body of work bringing their thoughts, feelings, and insights to life through a web-based exhibition of still and moving images titled Call // Response.

Insights: Call // Response is a collaborative, photographic, and film-based project created during the Covid-19 pandemic featuring the work of six young, multidisciplinary makers: Sam Drake, Kearston Hawkins-Johnson, Ellis Johnson, Kyle Mace, Michael Sweeny, and Dev Thompson. Using the structures of digital communication, the artists in this exhibition have created works that exist as links in chains of correspondence, or conversations, with each work created in response to its immediate predecessor.

As you scroll through the virtual exhibition you will notice “+” and “//” next to several images in each series. Both the “+” and “//” indicate the opportunity to move horizontally through the conversation to explore additional responses to the image.

Insights is a FotoFocus educational endeavor developed to encourage young, emerging students and artists in the region.

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