ALL FALLS DOWN: Architectural Heritage Effaced—The Universal Tale of two Cities, 2 Countries

September 28, 2022–October 29, 2022

ALL FALLS DOWN presents works by Cincinnati artist William Howes and Lebanese artist Gregory Buchackjian who both have documented the destructive effacement of the architectural heritage of their respective cities, Avondale/Cincinnati and Beirut/Lebanon. Their photographs are a record, for future generations, of the disappearing architectural signature of their respective cities and include abandoned buildings condemned due to neglect and decay, economic speculation, violence and war, corruption, lack of financial support, etc. These buildings formed at some point the frame of a whole city or neighborhood, characterizing its planning and architecture, and anchoring the visual and functional relationship of its inhabitants to it. With their disappearance, a part of the history of the neighborhood/city, as a result, also disappears. Both artists felt the need to save in pictures what once was and to sound a call to action for current and future generations.

Howes’ and Buchakjian’s images emphasize that the abandoned decaying buildings of Beirut and Cincinnati are not unique but rather represent case studies of a ubiquitous phenomenon reflecting the destructive effect of new generations on local history. They represent man’s destructive impact on the environment and the effects of natural disasters. 

This show, organized by SOS ART and curated by its President, Saad Ghosn, is in line with SOS ART’s mission to promote, encourage and provide opportunities for the arts as vehicles for peace and justice and for a better world.

Curator: Saad Ghosn, President SOS ART

Two-Person Show Photography Family Friendly

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The Annex Gallery
1310 Pendleton St
Cincinnati, OH 45202
(513) 407-7077

Free to the Public

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