September 30, 2022–October 28, 2022

In Circum-Verdant, PhotograpHERS, a women’s photographic collective, imagines a world with a dramatically-different relationship between “man”-kind and the environment, one where nature is nurtured and nurtures in return. The artists redesign the globe in its own image: ornamenting the sphere with images taken over the last two years, articulated in individual forms, creating patterns in its own reliable geometries. 

The installation accumulates over time, beginning with a nexus-like collage made up of natural and botanical images captured by the women’s art collective, before being opened for contributions from students and community members. Collaboratively, they build a new world out of the same materials as the old one, only this time with a human gaze towards futurity.

Artists: Erika Nj Allen, Linda Gillings, Tina Gutierrez, Melissa Hall, Colleen Houston, Deb Johnson, Nancy Rexroth, Kimberly Starbuck, Leigh Taylor, Pat Timm, Nancy Willman

Curator: Emily Versoza

Group Show Contemporary Photography Family Friendly Installation

Venue Details

Art Academy of Cincinnati: McClure Gallery
1212 Jackson St
Cincinnati, OH 45202
(513) 562-6262

Free to the Public

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