Glacial Melt before Our Very Eyes

September 24, 2022–December 3, 2022

Four local photographers present various images of glaciers from explorations in Glacial Melt before Our Very Eyes. Each has witnessed changing and varied glacial landscapes over the past 30 years. Their photographs depict glaciers in places including Alaska, United States, Alberta, Canada, New Zealand, and Argentina. These sizable prints capture viewers as they walk by, pull them into a phenomenon experienced by few, and educate many about one aspect of climate change—glacial melt, otherwise known more scientifically as ‘ablation.’ 

Dr. Tom Lowell, Geologist, University of Cincinnati provides a public presentation and dialogue on Wednesday, October 19th, 6:30–8pm. He educates the audience with the science about glacial melt against a backdrop of fascinating photographs from his research and exploration. He discusses the processes within ablation such as sublimation, fusion or melting, and evaporation that remove snow or ice from the surface of a glacier. He broadens the audience’s understanding of our Earth.

Three other photographers include Eric Hatch, Tom Pope, and Fred Haaser. Each focused his thoughts and camera lens on glacial landscapes in geographically different locations. This exhibition offers spectacular and emotive images which many of us have not seen. Visit this exhibition to expand your knowledge about the current and growing issue of climate change while enjoying spectacular photographs of our planet’s geology.

Artists: Fred Haaser, Eric Hatch, Tom Lowell, and Tom Pope

Curators: Eric Hatch and Deb Kittner Johnson

Group Show Photography Family Friendly

Venue Details

The Mohawk Gallery at Robin Imaging
2106 Central Pkwy
Cincinnati, OH 45214
(513) 381-5116

Free to the Public

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