Jason Sheldon: FORWARD!

August 29, 2022–October 30, 2022

FORWARD! is a (barely) humorous, (clumsily) political, (cynically) self-serving, and environmentally-friendly (and embarrassingly pretentious) series of extremely photoshopped postcards, vacation photos, magazine covers, (bad) movie posters and other photographic correspondence sent to us from Tomorrowland! Imagine a near-future world in which digital media suffers an unlikely and untimely death, Print Media makes a miraculous deathbed recovery and then in an act of idiotic, cocksure hubris (sure to scuttle its very existence on the timeline), sends us a little slice of life from the future. FORWARD! is like a reverse time capsule buried somewhere between The Banks of Unlikely and the Rim of Tomorrow!

Solo Photography Family Friendly

Venue Details

Ruth’s Parkside Cafe
1500 Blue Rock St
Cincinnati, OH 45223
(513) 542-7884

Free to the Public

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