Logan Hicks: Still New York

September 30, 2022–October 21, 2022

CCAC presents Still New York, a body of work by internationally exhibited artist Logan Hicks that investigates the visual impact of pandemic lockdowns on New York City. Starting March 20, 2020, NYC held its breath while its citizens peered outside their apartments, hungry for information on what it was they faced. While Hicks recognized the somberness of the situation, he also understood that it was a unique opportunity to document the city he calls home. Knowing it wouldn’t last long, he moved quickly. In some ways, the sudden changes made for easier shooting: parking was not an issue; roads usually clogged with angry motorists sat empty without a car in sight. Still, the backdrop to this time was the fact that a virus was ravaging the world. Before much was known about SARS-CoV-2, everything and everyone was a potential threat. Further, the repercussions from the lockdown extended well beyond the human toll. Many places beloved by the public would close permanently. The vacant storefronts are only one of the visible scars that the city now has.

So, is New York dead? Over the course of his documentary project, Hicks determined it wasn’t; the city has a life of its own, even without people in it. The city itself is an organism that holds the energy, history, stories, and memories of generations. The series is not an obituary, but a reflection of the historical moment before turning the page. No matter what challenges lay ahead, it’s still New York.

Solo Documentary Contemporary Photography Family Friendly

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Clifton Cultural Arts Center
2728 Short Vine St
Cincinnati, OH 45219
(513) 497-2860

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