Natural Encounters

October 2, 2022–October 16, 2022

Eisele Gallery presents an exhibition of photography by renowned photographers Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen. The two conservationists use their talents to start a conversation about ecosystems and connections between humans and nature. Personal encounters with the natural world are documented through their captivating imagery as they travel around the globe. Mittermeier and Nicklen’s conservation efforts and background in marine biology give them unique insight in the natural world above and below the surface. Through their photography they have captured a comprehensive collection of natural landscapes, animals, marine life, and people native to their habitat. This exhibition is a record of the world as they see it.

Two-Person Show Photography Family Friendly

Venue Details

Eisele Gallery
6936 Madisonville Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45227
(513) 791-7717

Free to the Public

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