P. J. Sturdevant: A Record of Disuse

October 1, 2022–December 10, 2022

A Record Of Disuse is a collection of photographic prints featuring objects that were once functional. Now worn, discarded, and even unrecognizable, the viewer may imagine what the original function could have been. The monochromatic bromoil process has been used to record, intensify and add interest to what remains. For example, Stasis depicts an outdated wall mounted thermostat, cover removed, with internal mechanisms frozen in layers of white paint.

The bromoil process is a printing method that combines the arts of photography, printmaking, and painting. The process begins with a black and white silver gelatin print, with the silver chemically removed and replaced with lithographic ink.

Solo Photography Family Friendly

Venue Details

Xavier University Art Gallery in The Gallagher Student Center
3800 Victory Pkwy
Cincinnati, OH 45207
(513) 745-3811

Free to the Public

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