Recording Hope, Images from “Flashes of Hope” Photographers

October 9, 2022–November 13, 2022

This exhibition features the work of five local photographers who volunteer their time and talent to the Flashes of Hope program by photographing children who are battling cancer and related illnesses. These photographs are recording the lives of young people during the most difficult time of their life. They provide a sense of hope, worth, and a record of their personal battle. These works are rarely seen publicly and this exhibition honors the caring vision of the artist.

When photographers click the shutter on their camera, they are recording a time and place, and, sometimes, they are recording an emotion and a personality. When thinking about World Record, one usually associates that phrase with athletes and heros. These children are the true hero’s and worthy of their own “world record” for their talents and bravery in dealing with these life challenges.

Curator: Kip Eagen

Group Show Documentary Photography Family Friendly

Venue Details

Haehnle Gallery at St. John’s Unitarian Universalist Church
320 Resor Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45220
(513) 961-1938

Free to the Public

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