Susan Ferrari Rowley: Alterations in Dystopia

September 27, 2022–March 31, 2023

As a lover of nature and owner of multiple acres of protected grasslands in upstate New York, Susan Ferrari Rowley is particularly dialed into the heat index and temperature records our world continues to witness. This is one reason she chose to use photographs of the natural environment as her primary subject matter for Alterations in Dystopia.

From depictions of thriving corn crops, to images of isolated pest-infected trees, Rowley’s treatment of the recorded environment remains focused around changes she has witnessed as a long-term resident of a nature-leaning community. Representing both the joys a well-kept environment can provide, down to some of the destructive paths our population is taking as a whole, Rowley’s strong awareness of form pairs beautifully with the imagery she’s able to bring to the forefront.

Specifically utilizing original photography printed on vinyl, paired with human-scale sculptural forms, Rowley’s installations shed light on the possibility of our world’s downward spiral—particularly related to our natural environment. She takes this process one step further by installing linear elements throughout the work, simply designed to create distracting divisions in space.

With this work Susan Ferrari Rowley hopes to inspire conversations that can lead to change. From slightly altering one’s day to day habits, to encouraging policy shifts, Rowley believes we can all be part of much needed progress.

Solo Contemporary Photography Mixed Media Family Friendly Installation Sculpture

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