The Snapshot: A Mount Community Response

September 26, 2022–October 28, 2022

The Mount Community was posed with the question, “How do we record our lives?” They then were tasked with the challenge of creating a “Snapshot” to say “Look—I’m here!” Photographers were encouraged to consider their sense of place within the context of the composition. This process may be captured in a variety of ways. Some may use digital photography, while others may choose film. Some may choose to use antique photos, like found artifacts from their own histories, or that of others. These photographers visually answer “Why do we make photographs…to say I’m here?” By recording these moments, persons, and spaces, the Mount Community forms a “Snapshot” of their individual experience, displayed collectively in the gallery setting. Select photography students worked with Professor of Photography Emily Wiethorn and Gallery Director Velma Dailey, to curate the final images for installation. Participation in the Mount Community Response was open to all current students, faculty, staff and MSJ alumni.

Group Show Contemporary Photography Family Friendly

Venue Details

Mount St. Joseph University: Studio San Giuseppe Art Gallery
5701 Delhi Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45233
(513) 244-4314

Free to the Public

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