Anna Christine Sands, _Violence,_ 2018. Video, Loop
Anna Christine Sands, Violence, 2018. Digital video still. Courtesy of the artist

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AutoUpdate Exhibition Artist Announcement

Posted on August 22, 2019

FotoFocus ​is pleased to announce the 44 artists selected from an open call for inclusion in the group exhibition ​AutoUpdate​, which examines technology’s impact on photography and video. Featuring artists from the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, their work will be on view from ​September 14 – November 16, 2019 at ​The Carnegie in Northern Kentucky. The reception will be held on ​October 4 from ​5-8pm with a special performance by artist ​Maggie Lawson at 7pm​.


  • Joey Aronhalt
  • Trey Barkett
  • Britni Bicknaver
  • Tyler Bohm
  • Jay Bolotin
  • D Brand
  • Emily Chiavelli
  • Elena Dahl
  • Robert Ladislas Derr
  • Claudia Esslinger
  • Jacqueline Farrara
  • Valerie Sullivan Fuchs
  • Juan Si Gonzalez
  • Tina Gutierrez
  • Hayes Hiltenbeitel
  • Barbara Houghton
  • Julie Jones
  • Lori Kella
  • Joshua Kessler
  • Luke Kindle
  • Kent Krugh
  • Maggie Lawson
  • Michael Loderstedt
  • Eric Lubrick
  • Jesse Ly
  • Patrizio Martinelli
  • Gary Mesa-Gaido
  • Robyn Moore
  • Todd Pashak
  • Joshua Penrose
  • Stefan Petranek
  • Ric Petry
  • Tiffany Pierce
  • Angie Rucker
  • Anna Christine Sands
  • J Michael Skaggs
  • Nic Skowron
  • Matt Steffen
  • PJ Sturdevant
  • Nick Swartsell
  • Erin Taylor
  • Emily Zeller
  • Matthew Zory
  • ¡Katie B Funk!


The artists were selected by a jury of regional organization and institution leaders, including: Carissa Barnard, FotoFocus (Cincinnati, OH); ​Matt Distel, The Carnegie (Covington, KY); ​Alice Gray Stites, 21c Museum Hotels (Cincinnati, OH, Lexington and Louisville, KY); ​Jo-ey Tang, Beeler Gallery at ​Columbus College of Art and Design (Columbus, OH); and ​Michael Vetter, Newfields (Indianapolis, IN).

Exhibition Highlights

Maggie Lawson is creating a new performance-video work that will premiere at the AutoUpdate reception on October 4. Go Home is a performative lecture that works both as a problematic directive and a sacred pilgrimage through generations of the artists’ chosen and anointed family. She culls images and tweets from the news cycle’s daily barrage to demonstrate the personal as political. Lawson will use her ties to Cincinnati and her community’s lineage to examine how possible and improbable coming home actually is. 

Cuban-born Juan Si Gonzalez documents the digital trail left behind by an image in movement. He has been an Ohio resident since 2003

“Glitch artist” Anna Christine Sands rarely works with tangible materials, instead believing in the power of computers, the internet, and the digital realm.

02.The Preacher JuanSi Gonzalez, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Juan Si Gonzalez, The Preacher. From the Series: Advertising Remains, 2017. Digital photograph printed on Kodak metallic paper. Courtesy of the artist

Valerie Sullivan Fuchs makes kaleidoscopic, multiplied worlds based off our own reality and genetics. A video of an eerily duplicated Manhattan that she created during her 2018 artist residency on Governor’s Island will be screened in the exhibition.

1Floating City VFuchs, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Valerie Sullivan Fuchs, Floating City, 2018. Video, 3:00 mins. Variable. Courtesy of the artist

Animator Jay Bolotin imagined a dark alternative universe for the Jewish mathematician at the center of The Silence of Professor Tosla, a photography-based motion picture that won Best Experimental Short Film at the Independent Shorts Award this year. 

Part 1 00 01 55 25.Still007, FotoFocus Cincinnati
Jay Bolotin, Still from The Silence of Professor Tösla, 2019. Motion Picture (Animation by Jay Bolotin. Story by Ilan Stavans). 23:00 mins. Courtesy of the artist

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