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21c Cincinnati Presents: Hybridity

Posted on April 10, 2014

June 27–December 2014 The evolution of species and spaces in twenty-first century art explores the diminishing boundaries between human and animal kingdoms, recent advances in scientific technology, and the shifting environmental and economic conditions actively altering the Earth and its inhabitants. Employing photography, painting, sculpture, and video, and often incorporating repurposed commercial materials, including tires, … Continued

Cincinnati Museum Center Presents: Treasures in Black & White

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April 25–October 12, 2014 South Gallery, Cincinnati History Museum Look through the photographer’s lens and revisit images that document Cincinnati’s neighborhoods, architecture and people from from the outbreak of the Civil war to the 1960s. Tracing a century in the life of the Queen City (1860-1960), Treasures in Black & White includes images of WWI, … Continued

Weston Art Gallery Presents: Charles Woodman

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March 28–June 8, 2014 East Gallery Charles Woodman (Cincinnati, OH) creates multi-image video installations drawn from images and observations of nature. In a fast-paced world oversaturated with electronic stimulation, his contemplative videos provide a poetic and meditative experience for the viewer. Passages features Woodman’s newest series of video installations and a performance component. Sponsored by … Continued

FotoFocus Presents: Sound and Vision

Posted on February 13, 2014

April 25–27, Los Angeles, CA Sound and Vision—The Screenings, curated by FotoFocus Artistic Director, Kevin Moore, will be on display April 25-27 at Paramount Pictures Studios as part of Paris Photo Los Angeles. The Screenings will also be featured as part of the 2014 FotoFocus Biennial, October 8-12. From the Paris Photo Los Angeles announcement: … Continued