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Recording Cincinnati: The Queen City In The Eyes Of Alice Cusson

Posted on March 23, 2022

The seventy-year-old slides of Cincinnati amateur photographer Alice Cusson are a deeply moving document of Cincinnati's past. Large-scale reproductions of Cusson's grainy slides, recently discovered by UC student and curator Jack Hall, make up the core of this exhibition. Matched with modern-day photos and compelling sound clips (that you can explore with your phone), these images tell a moving story about change over time in the Queen City.

The exhibition focuses specifically on Cincinnati—Alice Cusson's world. Most of Cusson's photos document Cincinnati landmarks, including The Terrace Plaza, The Hotel Alms, St. Francis DeSales Church, Memorial Hall, Ivorydale, and The... Continue reading Recording Cincinnati: The Queen City In The Eyes Of Alice Cusson

Refuge: Needing, Seeking, Creating Shelter

Posted on March 22, 2022

Refuge: Needing, Seeking, Creating Shelter is a look at civil strife, economic insecurity, and proliferating environmental crises, as artists from across the globe explore the search for refuge—how, why, and where people need, seek, and create shelter. The technologies of transport have long determined the movement of people and goods, fueling the expansion of empire and capital, the displacement of communities and resources, the shapes of borders. As the global refugee crisis continues, ensuring universal access to human rights in a world where, as poet Amit Majmudar says, “There’s no America to sail to anymore,” will require seismic changes—changes potentially... Continue reading Refuge: Needing, Seeking, Creating Shelter

Wildest Dream

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Researching the effects of climate change on animal species, i.imagine teen photography students of Gray Middle School, Holmes Middle School, and Ryle High School were led by Zoo photographer Lisa Hubbard on an up-close and personal journey to meet and photograph endangered species of the Cincinnati Zoo. Focused on a mission of giving voice to the voiceless, students created photographs intended to emotionally connect viewers with animals, inspiring humans to apply their skills and knowledge to being part of the solution of climate change. This collection of large-format prints spans the entire outdoor walkway of the Zoo's former Polar Bear exhibit. By... Continue reading Wildest Dream

American Myth & Memory: David Levinthal Photographs

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David Levinthal creates photographs that probe the recesses of American memory and imagination, and the stereotypes that inhabit familiar cultural touchstones. Levinthal, who spent his childhood engaging with classic American myths and legends through televised Westerns and plastic playthings, has never strayed far from these formative influences, dedicating his 40-year career to photographing toys in constructed scenarios. The exhibition American Myth & Memory: David Levinthal Photographs showcases more than 60 color photographs, created between 1984 and 2018, from two recent gifts to the Smithsonian American Art Museum of more than 400 photographs... Continue reading American Myth & Memory: David Levinthal Photographs

I Hear America Singing: Contemporary Photography from America

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The Columbus Museum of Art presents the exhibition I Hear America Singing: Contemporary Photography from America, on view at The Pizzuti Collection of the Columbus Museum of Art in the city’s Short North. Curated by Ashley Lumb, the exhibition was conceived for the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts in Amman, Jordan where it was presented in 2021. For Walt Whitman, the strength of the nation derived from the collective contributions of individuals, as was expressed in his poem “I Hear America Singing,” first published in the 1860 edition of Continue reading I Hear America Singing: Contemporary Photography from America