Photo by Jacob Drabik

The Lens

The Lens is the FotoFocus editorial platform, highlighting our programming and featuring in-depth conversations on photography and the moving image drawn from perspectives and insights in our community, throughout our region, and around the globe.

Liz Roberts: Post Blonde

Posted on June 2, 2022

FotoFocus and Weston Art Gallery present Liz Roberts: Post Blonde at CampSITE Sculpture Park. This new site-specific commission presents an uninhabited drive-in tableau in which the automobile is parked and repeatedly disembodied to form a large movie screen made from salvaged windshields. While challenging typical road movie tropes, the installation simultaneously references the resurgence of drive-ins during the pandemic and the collective viewing experience of movie screenings.

Representing the individual and their relationship to a community, the car is in direct dialogue with the multi-screen projection structure. The 4-channel video projections within the vehicle’s windows, along with the single-channel... Continue

Tony Oursler: Crossing Neptune

Posted on June 1, 2022

Water remains our most elemental unknown. It is a trans-cultural and historical symbol of mythologies ranging from childbirth, miracles, purification and healing rituals, to mysterious sea creatures, falling icicles, and invisible toxins. Belief in water is strong and its powers both benevolent and deadly. Water can wash away sins, cure disease, and offer eternal youth. Or it can harbor “blobsters,” freeze explorers, and swamp cities, depending on the teller and the listener, the fraudster and the rube.

Crossing Neptune is an exhibition featuring archival works on the theme of water from the personal collection of artist Tony Oursler—photographs, mostly... Continue

Recording Cincinnati World

Posted on March 23, 2022

The seventy-year-old slides of Cincinnati amateur photographer Alice Cusson are a deeply moving document of Cincinnati's past. Large-scale reproductions of Cusson's grainy slides, recently discovered by UC student and curator Jack Hall, make up the core of this exhibition. Matched with modern-day photos and compelling sound clips (that you can explore with your phone), these images tell a moving story about change over time in the Queen City.

The exhibition focuses specifically on Cincinnati—Alice Cusson's world. Most of Cusson's photos document Cincinnati landmarks, including The Terrace Plaza, The Hotel Alms, St. Francis DeSales Church, Memorial Hall, Ivorydale, and The... Continue

Wildest Dream

Posted on March 22, 2022

Researching the effects of climate change on animal species, i.imagine teen photography students of Gray Middle School, Holmes Middle School, and Ryle High School were led by Zoo photographer Lisa Hubbard on an up-close and personal journey to meet and photograph endangered species of the Cincinnati Zoo. Focused on a mission of giving voice to the voiceless, students created photographs intended to emotionally connect viewers with animals, inspiring humans to apply their skills and knowledge to being part of the solution of climate change. This collection of large-format prints spans the entire outdoor walkway of the Zoo's former Polar Bear exhibit. By... Continue


Posted on March 14, 2022

Yonder is a multi-stage, educational, photo-documentation program engaging the public (regional, national, and international) in a collaborative chronicling of the many ways horizons determine and evolve our quotidian understanding of the world. Beginning in August of 2022, and in support of Manifest Drawing Center’s photographic educational mission, the project includes two free workshops, two free public demonstrations on the conversion of digital photographs into analog black-and-white darkroom prints, a public multi-week showcase of the resultant works, and a printed book of the final, edited photographs. Continue