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Glenna Jennings: Sit Down!

Posted on April 22, 2024

Sit Down! presents new works by Glenna Jennings with, around, and about food. The tables of Jennings’ youth were compact, plastic, and single-serve, meant to be folded and put away, then reassembled in time for dinner and prime time television. The family table came with a leaf to fit guests during holiday feasts, but Jennings and her single, working mom more often operated within an archive of frozen dinners. 

The ongoing photographic series, At Table, arose from a desire to add people to these tables and cultivate relationships across cultures and borders. Sit Down! uses images and artifacts made... Continue reading Glenna Jennings: Sit Down!

Amber N. Ford: The Roads Most Traveled

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From cornrows to locs, Black hair is rooted in identity and culture. Within a specific part of history, hair could indicate a person’s tribe, social position, marital status, or occupation. Later, hairstyles told stories of bravery by creating pathways to freedom, using patterns and techniques to relay messages and routes in order to escape in the face of inconceivable duress. Through her work, artist Amber N. Ford explores the importance that hair holds culturally and personally.

This project began as a form of preservation, documenting deconstructed and revised protective hairstyles to remember what was... Continue reading Amber N. Ford: The Roads Most Traveled

Mark Schlachter: Familiar Faces

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Familiar Faces is a "fauxtodocumentary" project that endeavors to share the hidden stories of a one-of-a-kind, diverse community nestled in Indiana somewhere between El Dorado and Brigadoon. Each "fauxto" is an aperture into a world few have seen and only truly understood through the artful eye of its "fauxtographer," Mark Schlachter. His keen eye for "fauxtography" has captured the unknown and unseen realities of a community both diverse and equitable, yet somehow lost just beyond the veil.

This project seeks to bring this community out of the darkroom of the mind into the... Continue reading Mark Schlachter: Familiar Faces

Silas Long: interior ruin

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Silas Long's interior ruin delves into the interplay between technology, anxiety, and modern existence that captures the feeling of navigating life in the digital age. The exhibition invites contemplation of our perception of reality amidst commercial saturation and global instability. Through digital printing techniques, Long’s flattened surfaces create a collage-like effect that muddles the image’s material presence. Their collection of digital clips and textures are indicative of a visual world that the artist explores to interpret the profound impact technology has on the emotional psyche.

Silas Long's meticulously layered compositions of flattened textures... Continue reading Silas Long: interior ruin

Lacey Haslam: The Sidney Project

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The Sidney Project is an archive exhibition of photopolymer prints and other ephemera, resulting in a series of three books that document the architecture, history, and personal stories of the people who have lived at 2878, 2880, and 2930 Sidney Avenue in Camp Washington in Cincinnati, Ohio. A neighborhood that once cultivated a deep sense of community amongst the 21,000 residents during the 1920s and 30s now only has 1,234 people residing there. With much of the residential housing stock demolished as a result of the construction of Interstate 75, parking needs, and general blight, this exhibition focuses on three still-standing structures... Continue reading Lacey Haslam: The Sidney Project