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What to See: Recommendations from FotoFocus Biennial Director

Posted on September 27, 2022

With 101 projects as part of this Biennial, it can be overwhelming to decide what to see first! FotoFocus Biennial Director, Katherine Ryckman Siegwarth, shares insights on some of the 101 projects and a few recommendations to get you started.

By: Katherine Ryckman Siegwarth, FotoFocus Biennial Director

The FotoFocus Biennial, and the mission of FotoFocus itself, seeks to connect local, regional, national, and international communities through a celebration of photography. The biennial, with its record number of 101 projects... Continue

Kevin Moore Discusses World Record Theme Ahead of the Biennial

Posted on September 20, 2022

FotoFocus Artistic Director and Curator Kevin Moore discusses the 2022 Biennial theme. He said, “World Record certainly is about the climate crisis. But it’s also about the different social crises climate change is causing and exacerbating. And this is something we are all experiencing, not just the people in the most critically affected regions of the planet.”

By: Kevin Moore, FotoFocus Artistic Director and Curator

I remember noticing about a year ago when the conversations around climate change and social justice... Continue

Curator Kevin Moore Talks Expanding the Canon

Posted on October 8, 2021

Ahead of Lens Mix 7, a conversation about the necessity — and the inherent challenges — in defining and broadening a photographic canon. Catch the full virtual conversation moderated by Kevin Moore with guest curators Andrea Nelson and Lucy Gallun on Saturday, October 9.

“The history of photography is still a relatively new field, and its history is constantly being written and rewritten in relation to the world as it evolves," says FotoFocus Artistic Director and Curator Kevin Moore.

As an art historian, Kevin... Continue

FotoFocus Curator Kevin Moore Talks Telephotography and the World After Covid

Posted on July 6, 2021

“It’s the literal, technological zooming in, bringing things closer — but also this idea of being connected to other people. It’s about the emotional aspect of what photography tries to satisfy.”

After the announcement of the 2021 FotoFocus Symposium theme Telephotography, The Lens caught up with Artistic Director and Curator Kevin Moore to dive into the past, present, and potential of telephotography — and what ideas are percolating with this fall's panelists.

FotoFocus: There’s a dual association with... Continue

The Allure and Pitfalls of Seeing Photographs, and the World, in Isolation

Posted on August 19, 2020

Political crises are often abstract, even invisible—and thus difficult to record, particularly in a single frame. So how do we, in a state of isolation, move beyond the isolated image to see what's happening?

A friend pointed out recently that the months of isolation have made us not only worried and frustrated but also socially awkward. As we venture out of our pods, we are rusty at communicating, made worse by masks and other safety protocols. You can’t read facial expressions, you don’t know where someone has been, you... Continue