Photo by Jacob Drabik

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Intermedio is Making the FotoFocus ArtHub an Audience-Controlled Aural-Visual Experience

Posted on July 26, 2018

For FotoFocus’s 2018 ArtHub—an inflatable pop-up project space—local creative studio Intermedio will create “In Place of Forgetting”: an interactive multi-channel audio-visual installation that explores “the contemporary overabundance of memory and its impact on the quality of the experiences we attempt to remember.” A group of artists, designers, musicians, experimenters, and coders that engage audiences through the creation of aurally and visually immersive environments and performances, Intermedio’s founders Justin West and Sam Ferris-Morris met while studying music composition at Heidelberg University. In searching for people with architectural modeling and design backgrounds to collaborate with in Cincinnati, the two subsequently met multidisciplinary designer Eric Blythe in 2014... Continue