1,000 miles per hour

September 15, 2022–October 28, 2022

1,000 miles per hour; the approximate speed of the Earth’s rotation at the equator.

Two milestone projects of design from the 1970s, Voyager Golden Record and Powers of Ten, act as pivot points for a collection of works by contemporary artists that take on the challenge of recording our world.

Throughout this exhibition, featuring artworks from the collection of the Columbus Museum of Art, the vantage points and relative scale shift. Several artworks relate more clearly through a shared relationship to space, beyond Earth’s atmosphere. Others connect through a shared desire for social justice. Each relies on a distinct technical approach including: audio-visual recording, drone photography, Google Mapping, video projection, 16-millimeter film projections, radar, kinetics, early computer animation, micro CT scans, photogravures, aquatints, photolithographs, and digital photography. Also included are works that expand beyond the lens to include reflection, language, and physical movement.

Artists: Roger Bebee, David Bowen, Frank Drake, Charles and Ray Eames, Chad Hunt, Lisa Jarrett, Ben Kinsley, Hans Klompen, Jon Lomberg, Dawit L Petros, Stephanie Syjuco, James Turrell

Curators: Tim Rietenbach and Darren Miller

Group Show Documentary Contemporary Historical Photography Mixed Media Family Friendly Installation Sculpture Film/Video

Venue Details

Columbus College of Art & Design: Beeler Gallery
60 Cleveland Ave
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 222-3270

Free to the Public

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