Norman Kattelman Archive Project

October 8, 2022–October 16, 2022

Sifting through the estate of Norman Kattelman, this exhibition reveals his world, his history, and unpacks his legacy as a resident of Millionaires Row on Dayton Street in Cincinnati, OH. His home remained vacant for over 40 years, but was used as storage for Kattelman’s dreams of becoming an antiques dealer. Items sorted from the estate were documented as a book with interviews from close friends, neighbors and family. Items selected from the estate were reorganized by local artists as installations for the exhibition.

Curator: Sso-Rha Kang

Group Show Documentary Photography Mixed Media Family Friendly Installation Sculpture

Venue Details

Archive of Creative Culture
2930 Sidney Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45225
(707) 304-0155

Free to the Public

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