August 29, 2022–September 29, 2022

Trees are a record of the world, holding time and marking it in ways we cannot completely fathom, and in ways that are unappreciated by most. They breathe air into the sky to sustain us, while also sequestering elements from the air into the ground and in their own bodies. In this way they serve as intermediaries quite literally between heaven and earth.

The Overstory explores the notion of time as record through these great fellow beings we live amongst and how they hold a kinship with the lens, always seeing and experiencing, protecting their secrets until someone seeks them out.

Group Show Documentary Contemporary Historical Photography Mixed Media Family Friendly Outdoor Installation Virtual Film/Video

Venue Details

Manifest Creative Research Gallery
2727 Woodburn Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45206
(513) 861-3638

Free to the Public

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