What’s Left Behind

September 24, 2022–November 12, 2022

Archaeologists uncover the nature of ancient societies by studying things left behind. What record are humans leaving behind today? Trash speaks to a disposable and materialistic society. The popularity of organizing and “tidying” is exploding, as people are encouraged to only keep what “sparks joy.” What is discarded exposes attitudes towards consumption, class, mobility, privilege, sustainability, and the environment. The things regarded as trash were at one point something valued and used, a relationship that is fleeting. Are we creating a disposable society? What other areas of life are affected? Are humans themselves disposable?

Examining the effects of consumption, collection, and what is discarded, What’s Left Behind is a juried group show of local and regional photographers that reflects on the record humans are leaving for future generations.

Curators: Local Eyes, a group of five Cincinnati-based photographers: Helen Adams, Jymi Bolden, Amanda Cawdrey, Melvin Grier, and Samantha Grier

Group Show Photography Family Friendly

Venue Details

Kennedy Heights Arts Center
6546 Montgomery Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45213
(513) 631-4278

Free to the Public

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