Photo by Jacob Drabik

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The Lens is the FotoFocus editorial platform, highlighting our programming and featuring in-depth conversations on photography and the moving image drawn from perspectives and insights in our community, throughout our region, and around the globe.

CALL TO ARTISTS: Region’s Venues Seek Artist Submissions

Posted on February 5, 2020

FotoFocus is happy to share the region's venues seeking artist submissions for their individual exhibitions. Each Venue listed has determined the specifics for their open call and is fully in charge of the selection process. FotoFocus will not influence or participate in the selection process for these exhibitions. 


Robin Imaging Services & The Mohawk GalleryOpen Call: closed February 10, 2020Lens-based artists are invited to submit work that responds to Light, Time, and The Ever-Changing Perspective, exhibiting how photographers... Continue reading CALL TO ARTISTS: Region’s Venues Seek Artist Submissions

OPEN CALL: Animation Work

Posted on February 3, 2020

NSFW (Animation For Adults) is a short animation screening that considers the various ways that sex and the human form are represented in both historical and contemporary styles of animation. The program, curated by C. Jacqueline Wood, ranges in tone and style, presenting work by iconic artists such as Suzan Pitt, while also highlighting local makers and artists.

FotoFocus is now accepting submissions to be included in the screening, taking place in June at The Lodge in Dayton, KY. All forms of animation—from hand-drawn, to stop-motion and computer are welcome. The work must explore... Continue reading OPEN CALL: Animation Work